Nordic Christmas event

The sun is shining and the weather is getting less and less humid for every day. This obviously means that Christmas is getting closer, right? Being in a desert means that there are some things during the year that we expats are missing out on. For example the cold days, a snowy landscape, the (very) short days and never-ending nights (or at least that’s how it feels sometimes).

Back in Europe many of the shops are already starting to decorate for the holiday season. Some say it’s too soon, others just can’t get enough and wish it could be Christmas every day.

Here in Dubai, in the middle of a desert, we are not normally inspired to get that special Christmas feeling that always turns up around this time of year. The anticipation, the preparations and the magic of seeing all the wonderful decorations. The Nordic Business councils want to create a special day for all those of us who deeply misses that special feeling you get when the days grow shorter, darker and colder. Some (especially the Danes) will recognize it as “hygge” where you get the fireplace going and light candles all over the house to keep the dark at bay.

Now, while we can’t do anything about the weather (thank God, otherwise we wouldn’t be living here, right?) we can certainly do something about creating the Christmas ambience. And we do exactly that on Saturday the 28th of November when we have our annual Nordic Christmas Family Day. The day is for the whole family with games and activities for all. We even have a very special guest flying in all the way from the North Pole!

So, if you want to escape the desert heat (only mentally though, we recommend wearing shorts and flip-flops) and experience some of the Christmas feelings with your fellow Scandinavians and introduce your kids to some of the holiday traditions, come and join us at Jebel Ali on Saturday the 28th of November from 11am to 4pm. Read more about the day right here.

And, if you really do miss the cold and the snow, there is always the ski-slopes in MoE to turn to 😉

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