56,000 square meters. 115,000 meals per day. These are just some of the facts and numbers from the big machine that is Emirates Flight Catering. Thursday September 22 we got a glimpse of the amount of work and the impressive logistics that take place prior to a flight. This is truly a workplace without room for errors.

For one thing there is an infinite number of aircraft trollies to be emptied. There are millions of pieces of crockery and cutlery to be washed and packed for the next departures. Then there are the cold and warm kitchens with numerous dishes depending on the destination and type of ticket – not forgetting the many cakes and bread types, beverages, duty free goods, blankets, headphones. It really is amazing what goes on behind the curtain on the Emirates flights.

After having seen all this we are sure that we will all take an extra look at our food tray and recognize the significant preliminary work next time we are heading off with Emirates.


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