Claus Villekjær Nielsen

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Claus Villekjær Nielsen


Cand.Jur / Master of Law from Aarhus University


Work / title:
HR Director, Middle East and Turkey

How long have you been in that company?
Since February 2015

Civil status:
Rikke Agerholm Therkildsen, BDM of DubaB8

How long have you been in Dubai?
1 1/2 years


Who has been your biggest source of inspiration in your professional life?
I get inspiration from the people I work with in my daily life. I see amazing traits in so many talented colleagues. Some are very target- and action oriented while others have the ability of analyzing with incredible accuracy. Fortunately, I have also worked under great managers in my entire career. They have been an inspiration also.

What made you decide to move to Dubai? And what has been the biggest profit you’ve gained from it professionally?
I was offered the position and had a quick dialogue with my wife. Her and I agreed almost immediately that it would be a great opportunity for our entire family – and that turned out to hold true! Not only have we enjoyed experiencing a new culture as an entire family, we have also met so many interesting people. Luckily, it turns out that our children enjoy new challenges as well – so it has worked out greatly for us.


What is your favorite part of your present position? What do you like the least?
No day is like the previous in my job! I am fortunate to take part in big challenging projects on both local, regional and global levels. Add to that the many daily interactions with all departments of our companies and you’ve got a pretty solid mix of the probably the best possible job I could imagine!
Least like? Well, expense reporting, reporting in general, disciplinary cases… Those kinds of things 🙂

What is your biggest professional challenge at the moment?
Covering an area that goes from Turkey to Pakistan, Dubai, Saudi and Egypt… My belief as to working with both HR and Management is that presence is needed and relations need to be nurtured. It can be tough to find the time to deliver on this – but I am getting there…

What do you wish that you had known before you came to Dubai?
That good Danish cheese is so hard to come by 🙂 Jokes aside I don’t feel there is any more I could’ve know before coming. Our general ambition for moving here was that we all got to learn new things. That has come through, and we couldn’t have wished for a better experience.

What has surprised you the most about working in Dubai?
The true diversity of the workforce. It is diversified on all parameters; Background, educational levels, religion, ethnicity – you name it.
Still, I feel like so many things are universal for people. We always appreciate strong leadership, predictability, communication and transparency. I wouldn’t say this has surprised me, but rather it pleases me to see.


In which direction is your industry headed? And is it the right path?
Our aim is to be an integral partner for the development of a sustainable future. These are big words, no doubt, but in particular in this part of the world I feel we really have opportunities for putting action to the words. Our way of influencing is through intelligent water solutions, energy optimizations in use of pumps and motors, and overall distribution of knowledge around these issues to partners, consultants and customers in general. There is fast growing demand for water and projections show that we are unable to meet this demand with existing solutions.

Which challenges do you foresee for your customers in the years to come?
Cash flow, instability and the before-mentioned drastic increased demand for clean and safe water.

Is there anything holding back your industry from developing further?
As with any other company operating in this region we are subject to the development of oil price, stability and overall healthy economic growth. With our previously explained purpose of working for sustainability we are also dependent on the same conviction from our partners. Our solutions and products are premium in quality and ingenuity. With that comes premium prices, which will require the will to put forward investments into the same from the developers of this region. At the same time we also need to constantly evaluate and improve our approach to the market. In other words we have to take responsibility for our own growth and not solely base it on the general development of the market.

In which direction is Dubai’s economy headed, in your opinion?
Dubai has many strengths to build on in my opinion. A business-friendly environment. Hassle free services around a multitude of things on anything from visa-issuance to business licenses. The economy is diversified and above all there is political stability and leadership that shows the will and courage to respond to the dynamics of the world around us. With all this being said there are still many challenges to overcome, and for sure it is always interesting while, luckily, impossible to predict the future.


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